Jill Alaimo

With over a decade in the medical arena, Jill Alaimo has a wealth of knowledge as an aesthetician specializing in anti-aging and acne improvement and is comfortable working with a multitude of skin colors and issues.

I arrived in aesthetics through a series of coincidences in the late 1990’s. My love for skin care and makeup took me from clothing retail management to a “lotions and potions” establishment. Meeting all the right people at exactly the right time, I registered for the state aesthetics required program at a local school of cosmetology. Seven months later I was a licensed aesthetician working with a facial plastic surgeon at Washington University in St. Louis beginning my education and career.

I take a unique approach to my skin care treatments. I have one pricepoint for one hour-long ultimate facial to get you to your skin “goal” depending on your issues.

We start with a deep cleansing of the skin with 2 points of physical exfoliation. Dermaplaning and microdermabrasion using dermasweep. This allows for better penetration of the next step where I target:

    • Anti-Aging Chemical (myriad of choices depending on client motivation and issues to address) application to hasten a deeper exfoliqation for ultimate surface smoothing.
    • Pore Reduction-Many believe to reduce pore size one may choose a strong BHA but over time i have found that it not always true, so I adjust as needed by incortorating the best option to “calm” that pore and reduce its inflammation.
    • Hyperpigmentation and melasma- gentle chemical or depigmenting agent.
    • Acne-BetaHydroxy or combination of effective agent, for their antibacterial and hyperkeratinzation in the pore.
    • Environmentally exposed- preceding a sunny vacation or following a “not so diligent” sunprotection event.
    • Tired or ‘lackluster’ skin- Antioxidant combinations to brighten and tighten and reaveal fresher skin cells.

    Following the appropriate preceding options, I incorproate a lengthy massae for ultimate pore detoxification and excess fluid removal, Reiki for relaxation and energy centering-I find the facial pressure points for a peaceful centering.

    Now is when I focus on the eye area and its specific issues-puffiness, discoloration or dehydration and work to make the most improvement.

    Then I find the appropriate elcetricity and apply:

    • High Frequency, low current electricity or Blue LED light for their general antibacterial and inflammation reduction.
    • Red LED light therapy for collagen stimulation.

    After your environmental protection apllication, if desired I apply an oxygen based BB cream to get you out the door and on with your day.

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